Mandana Bagheri CV

General information


  • Computer:

    • Information Security
    • Software Engineering
    • Image Processing
    • Web Development
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Concurrent, parallel and distributed systems
    • Database systems
  • Arts and Humanities

    • Painting and drawing
    • Poetry
    • Philosophy
    • World History
    • Politics
    • Teaching
  • Sports:

    • In-line Skating
    • Skate board
    • Gymnastics


B.Sc. In Computer Engineering, Software Engineering  [Fall 2007-2012]
Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran
Thesis: “A means of predicting heart attacks using signal processing algorithms”
supervision of professor Ali Zakerolhoseini, April 2011- March 2012

High School [2003-2006]
Nemoune Kosar High school (A special school for gifted students, branch of NODET), Arak, Markazi, Iran
Diploma of Mathematics and Physics Discipline.

Job Experience

  1. Teacher at Nemoune Kosar High School (Summer 2008,Summer 2009)
  2. Private Teacher of Mathematics and programming (2009-2011)
  3. Software Developer at Support and Management Department, Shahid Beheshti University (June 2010-November 2010)
  4. Software Developer & Project Manager at Etebaran Informatics (October 2011-present)


A list of noteworthy projects I’ve done as a student in my career.

  1. Development of native version of popular 2D games (Astropop, Butterfly Scape, Bejeweled2) (2007)
  2. Development of native version of a Dynamic Hierarchical File System (2006)
  3. Cross compiling a performance analyzer for MIPS (2009)
  4. Analysis and design of a control circuit for an automated elevator (2009)
  5. Native compiler for a subset of C++ programming Language (2010)
  6. Design and implementation of SBU’s managing and support department official software system (2010)
  7. AI algorithm and application to determine number of building from an aerial input picture (2010)
  8. Development of troubleshooting chat-bot (2011)
  9. Implementation of multi-criteria decision making software for Saramad Nikan Iranian corporation (2012)
  10. Licensing and anti-pirate system for multi-criteria decision making software (2012)
  11. Development of an AI algorithm/software predicting heart attack via ECG patterns (2011-2012)
  12. Development of a distributed system ranking all educational institutes of the country (2012-present)

Technical skills

Programming Languages

C++, C#, Java, Pascal, Delphi, Assembly, HTML, PHP, Basic, Matlab (M), VHDL, Verilog, Prolog

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (Ubuntu)

Version Control Systems

Subversion, Git


Eclipse, Zend Studio, Visual Studio, Net beans, SQL Server Management Studio

Simulation Tools

Matlab, Packet Tracer, ModelSim

Other Tools

Stanford Parser, System Architect, Bison, Flask

Database Systems

SQL server, My SQL, Language


Persian (Mother Tongue)

English (Fluent)

IBT TOEFL Score: 84

(Reading: 20, Listening:24, Speaking:19, Writing:21)

GRE  Score: (760/160) Quantitative, (146/400) Verbal reasoning, 3 Analytical Writing

Arabic (Understanding)

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